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Need a Vacation? Affordable Mini-Vacation Tips

Need to get away? This time of year it is always not affordable to go on vacation. I have put together some helpful tips to help plan a cost effective mini-vacation on a budget. Please check out my latest post. Thanks for reading


Tinder Lovin 3

For anyone waiting for this update, my apologies for posting late. I had promised that I would have this uploaded by Saturday, but my back has been out and with the Christmas season upon us, my mind has been going in a million directions. We finally have the tree up and the house decorated. Bring on Santa. I’m so excited…

Leadership vs Management

Leadership Vs Management What makes a person a great leader? There are misconceptions that because someone is a manager, that this makes them a leader. Just because someone may hold a management position, that does not necessarily mean they have the qualities that make them a solid leader. I believe that leadership is about the individual and not about the…


We have lost over 1,100 British Columbians in the past 10 months due to overdoses. 1,100 people. How is that possible? That is an 83% increase from last year and the numbers continue to rise. The majority of people (according to CBC News) who lost their lives were as a result of Fentanyl laced heroin, opioids, cocaine, and methamphetamines. These…