Malonie Langthorne is a Business Consultant/Writer/Blogger residing in British Columbia, Canada. Malonie Langthorne is the author of the soon to be released Rock Bottom has a Basement (Fall 2017 on Amazon Kindle)

Rock Bottom has a Basement is the story of survival and the raw truth of living as a single mother dealing with Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder, written within the depths of self-realization, and pain staking anxiety and debilitation. An executive with a dream of one day becoming an author and travelling the world. This story will tell you how she worked tirelessly to accomplish this dream. This story was written in real time, while waking up in the middle a nightmare.

Rock Bottom Has a Basement wont sugar coat the reality of this debilitating disorder, which effects hundreds of thousands of people existing, but not living in North America.

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