Tinder Lovin 2

IMG_3680.PNGIt’s time for a little update on my love life. If you haven’t read my first post on how my partner and I met, make sure to have a read when you have time. I have made a separate category under “Tinder Lovin” where I will continue to share stories of our journey together.

This past weekend Wojtek ( pronounced Voytek) and I spent three days swimming at the lake, going on rides till we got sick at the amusement park, enjoyed a meal at the pub, bowled, laughed, and really just enjoyed our time with each other. We even managed to get my kids to come out for some of the festivities and I am so glad they came.

I still somedays feel like this is just a dream. I don’t know how I got so lucky.  In between the fun, Wojtek changed the oil on both my vehicles, brought me flowers, a box of chocolates (almost that time of the month lol) and really just took care of me. The best part of all- I never have to ask him to be there when I need him. He knows me better somedays then I know myself.

It has been a hard month for me. There is a lot going on. I tend to isolate myself when I am stressed or tired, and am used to dealing with things on my own. Some guys would take this personally, and make me feel guilty for needing some time and space. Wojtek is the exact opposite of every man I have ever dated. He tells me that even if I want to be alone, that he will never be too far away. He reassures me constantly, that no challenge will ever be too big, and that together we will get through anything.

I love to cook for him. I can tell that he really appreciates a home cooked meal. We both are of European descent (Polish and Hungarian) and our cultures have similar foods. He lives away from his family (who reside in Ontario) and I do my best to make him meals that would feel like something his mother might cook.

I have always loved writing people notes to let them know I appreciate them. Not enough people hand write thank you notes anymore. I often leave Wojtek little messages on the counter to read when he wakes up in the morning, or slip one in his lunch. I want to let him know how much I love him and appreciate how he treats me. It is important to say thank you to people when they go out of their way to make you feel special. He has kept every note I have ever left him. Even if it is just a small grocery list or reminder. He is an “old school” romantic and this is one of the things about him that’s I absolutely adore.

He is one of my biggest supporters. He is always one of the first to read a new blog I have posted and let me know his thoughts about what I have wrote. We are both big REDDIT fans, and at night, or on a Sunday afternoon he reads me posts that are pertinent to our lives. There is something so charming about listening to him read to me with his slight Polish accent. I can imagine us years from now sitting at the kitchen table, while he reads the latest posts over a cup of tea. I want to grow old with him. I know he feels the same.

Relationships are not easy. You have to work at them and really ensure that you treat your significant other with respect. Actions DO speak louder than words, and showing someone you love them, is just as important as telling them. The smallest gestures are so important. Holding each other’s hands, putting the other person first, bringing each other a drink without being asked, helping in the kitchen, and just thinking before speaking. One of the biggest things I have learned from Wojtek is that “words” are so very important. He told me that although his parents would have disagreements, they never called each other names. This really stuck with me. In the past, I might have been quicker to say something without thinking if I was annoyed or upset. I never want to hurt this man, and he surely has never hurt me.

We are planning for our future and continue to fall more in love with every week that passes. He has renewed my faith in love and I can’t wait to build a life together.

Wojtek, I know you will be one of the first to read this post. Thank you for loving me unconditionally. Thank you for bringing me Starbucks and for reminding me what really is inportant. ❤️


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